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Whether a person has a disorder, an illness, or a disease is really of little consequence. What
really matters is the need to have some understanding about the basic underlying causative
mechanisms within the body which have finally resulted in it’s producing this, that, or the other
group of
symptoms which we call disorder A, illness B, or disease C.

Dr. Robert Boyd’s view and mine about disease is that the organism, in totality, is potentially a
balanced, living, and vital complex and that any departure from this state represents disorder
of one kind or another and a decrease in

At the center of this balanced state is the
Unit of Function, which is made up by the brain,
spinal cord, dura, cranium (skull), and all the vertebrae. Disturbances to this unit are all too
common, indeed perhaps inescapable. For an understanding of the disorder/disease-
causing mechanisms, it becomes necessary to look at two levels of causation. These are
referred to as (a) the underlying primary or fundamental or
predisposing cause and (b) the
trigger or activating or
precipitating cause.

To be predisposed is to be liable to, or subject to, the onset of a series of events or

In the
BioCranial System it is believed that the birthing process itself creates the
cranial misalignments. What appears to be an uneventful birth, results in a
degree of distortion and warping of the bones of the head.

The misalignment of the
cranial bones then, in turn causes disturbance to the rhythm and
flow of the
Unit of Function.

In the case of the voluntary muscles, the level of tension or contraction will be determined by
the message received by the muscles from the nerve supply, including the option to do
nothing; that is, to be in a fully rested or relaxed state. If however, these muscles are not able
to achieve the state of full relaxation when they ought to be able to do so, the fault must rest
with the neurological control of the muscles-which takes us back to our
Unit of Function. The
BioCranial System has endeavored to show that nerve function determines the degree of
muscular contraction, or tension, not only in the activated state but also in the resting state;
and it is in this latter state that the problems begin.


The result of
cranial bone abnormalities is to alter neurological function, one of the results of
which appears to be to alter the balance of nerve impulses to the muscular tissue in such a
way as to inhibit the muscle fiber from being able to assume a fully rested or relaxed state.
There is therefore in practice an element of built-in tension in the muscles which ought not to
be present. Such preexisting tension will be the precursor, the predisposing factor in any
particular group of muscles, when activated, going into a further degree of contraction or
spasm, giving rise to a painful reaction. The predisposition, therefore, already exists in the
muscular tissue.

In such circumstances when involuntary muscles are unable to assume a fully relaxed state,
there are major implications for both the level of health of the local tissue concerned and for
the efficient functioning of the organs and systems concerned. All cells must have nutrition in
order to be healthy and there must also, of course, be adequate and free drainage to carry off
the waste products. The main source of nutrition is from the blood carried as it is through the
blood vessels. The heart, for example, not only does the pumping and supplying of blood for
transportation throughout the body, but it must itself also have blood supplied to it’s own
tissue via it’s own set of blood vessels. The same principle of blood supply requirements
apply to all the other organs and systems.

If, therefore, there is a primary and permanent degree of contraction of the circular (involuntary)
muscles of the blood vessels concerned, then the blood vessel is compressed. As noted
previously, it follows that if the tube is compressed so then will the volume of liquid, in this
case, the blood supply  will be reduced. If the volume of blood is reduced, since blood carries
above all else the essential nutrients for cellular health, then the level of nutrition to the cells
being supplied by those blood vessels is also reduced.


When a
heart attack finally occurs, the blame is normally laid squarely at the door of smoking
or high cholesterol. In fact these are precipitating causes. At a predisposing level, the
muscular walls of the coronary arteries are contracted (compressed) with a resultant
reduction of local nutrition (blood) and disturbance of drainage: all the stuff to react to the
harmful effects of smoking, fatty foods, or just plain stress. Had not the predisposing
disturbance existed in the first place. Then the heart attack would not have happened.

These two illustrations about the effects of the inability of the nervous system to function within
its normal range because of restrictions and distortions at the cranial level, and the
consequential dysfunction at the voluntary and involuntary muscular level, are by no means
the only effects of the
cranial/neural dysfunction.

If the organism is primed, weakened, or predisposed, then it is ripe to be triggered into a
response or reaction as a result of other harmful agents, forces, or influences being brought
to bear on the system thus precipitating a response.

The need therefore is to see the
precipitating or trigger as a secondary influence and the
predisposing factor (cranial misalignments) as the primary cause of the disease process.

In the
Bio Cranial System an interesting observation concerning many patients is that a high
proportion of them suffer from disorders which relate to structures on either one side of the
body, that is, left or right. Generally, the more-contracted side at a predisposing level will be
more susceptible to produce symptoms than the less contracted side. This has nothing to do
with a person being right or left handed. The strengths and weaknesses, relatively speaking,
between the two sides of the body are entirely related to cranial balance, right and left.

This difference in balance and level of function, with its relative strengths and weaknesses
between the two sides of the body, affects practically all of us and in differing degrees. We are
constantly attempting to compensate for the weaker areas in ways that we are totally unaware
of every day. When sitting do you find yourself mostly crossing the right leg over the left or the
other way around? When watching television, do you tilt the body in the chair mostly toward
one side or the other? When standing talking to someone, do you find yourself shuffling in
order to take your weight mainly off one leg or the other? Which side do you sleep on at night?
Is it the left or the right? Or do you sleep mostly on your back or face down or a mixture of
these? All of these are determined by the position in which the body is most comfortable or
putting it another way, the posture which best avoids the greatest degree of discomfort or
contraction. The bodies own intelligence is constantly at work, without our being necessarily
aware of it, in order to allow it to function at its best, given the inherent flaws within. The body
will move into postures which will provide the maximum level of release or relaxation from
these contractions. The predisposing imbalances, left and right, with their resultant reductions
in functional level of the organism are determining our health pattern and our daily lives in
more ways than would ever be imagined.

Man does not just exist. He functions and was designed to function at level 10 on a scale of 1-
10. This level of function must be within the control of a basic and primary mechanism. Such a
mechanism exists in the
Bio Cranial System and Dr. Robert Boyd calls it the Unit of
. Whose efficiency and ability to operate are above all else determined by factors
relating to cranial balance and function.

BioCranial Therapy is vitalistic and holistic in concept and application. It does not use any of
the more forceful high or low velocity thrust techniques, but relies on the internal and
involuntary movement within the Unit of Function to bring about the required corrections and
changes in the body’s physiology. It is therefore
nontraumatic and eminently suitable even in
cases of severe and serious illnesses, pregnancy, children, and senior citizens.

Thank you
Dr. Boyd for your hard work and dedication to Bio Cranial Therapy and the above
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