Alpha Trust Chiropractic
San Diego CranioBiotic Center
CranioBiotic is a remarkably
effective healing system that
emphasizes your bodies
profound ability to heal itself.

CranioBiotic restores the brain's
 ablility to accurately identify
and correct the underlying
stressors of health problems.
These stressors can include;
allergies, infectious organisms,
toxins, and organ dysfunctions.

Once a stressor has been
revealed, your
practitioner can then relay this
information to your brain. This is
accomplished by the gentle
stimulation of specific
neurovascular "reflex points"
on your skull and upper body.
As soon as your brain
accurately recognizes the
stressor, it can then immediately
begin to correct it. Once
corrected your symptoms will
subside in a safe and natural
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   Organ Inflamation
DISCLAIMER: CBT is not a medical diagnostic procedure, and therefore does not diagnose or treat a
disease. The identification of allergens, infectious agents, or organ dysfunction requires specific medical
laboratory procedures, which the CBT evaluation is not a substitute for. Rather, the CBT evaluation is a
means by which the body's natural reflexes are used to determine what substance(s) or dysfunction(s) may
be causing health problems. CBT treatment is then used to greatly enhance your body's awareness of those
specific substance(s) or dysfunction(s) so that it can effectively correct them.