Headache and Migraines
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In the case of the voluntary muscles, the level of tension or contraction will
be determined by the message received by the muscles from the nerve
supply, including the option to do nothing; that is, to be in a fully rested or
relaxed state. If however, these muscles are not able to achieve the state
of full relaxation when they ought to be able to do so, the fault must rest
with the neurological control of the muscles-which takes us back to our
Unit of Function. I have endeavored to show that
nerve function
determines the degree of muscular contraction, or tension, not only in the
activated state but also in the resting state; and it is in this latter state
that the problems begin.

The result of cranial bone abnormalities is to alter neurological function,
one of the results of which appears to be to alter the balance of nerve
impulses to the muscular tissue in such a way as to inhibit the muscle
fiber from being able to assume a fully rested or relaxed state. There is
therefore in practice an element of built-in tension in the muscles which
ought not to be present. Such preexisting tension will be the precursor,
the predisposing factor in any particular group of muscles, when
activated, going into a further degree of contraction or spasm, giving rise
to a painful reaction. The predisposition, therefore, already exists in the
muscular tissue.