Unit of Function
Alpha Trust Chiropractic
San Diego BioCranial Center

The Unit of Function is the central controlling unit which makes us tick and upon which the
essential bodily functions depend and is comprised of:

1. The
brain and spinal cord
2. The dura
3. The cranium (skull)
4. All of the

Within this unit and under its control, the major physiological processes of the body take place.
It follows that any disturbances to any part of this unit will have resultant disturbances to normal
body function and therefore to health.

If we look at the parts of our
functional unit, the only ones of these capable of being warped or
displaced would appear to be either the
cranium (skull) or the vertebrae. Thus having an effect
on the act of function, expansion and contraction. We know that there are 2
2 bones that make up
cranium (skull). These 22 bones continue to alter their position in relation to one another in
such a way that the angle at the fulcrum decreases during the
expansion (relaxation) phase of
motion and increases during the contraction phase. During this alternating movement of

and contraction, we must not lose sight of the fact that , the bones of the cranium
also move in their individual ways. Nor must we lose sight of the movement of the
dura, exactly
replicating the movement of the
cranial bones; and of the sacrum, replicating the movement of
dura; and not least, of the vertebrae replicating the effect on them of the occiput, the dura
and the s
acrum. We have, in every conceivable way, a living, vibrant constantly moving unit in
which the harmony of the whole is dependent upon the parts.

The next question becomes how is it that practically all of us have some element of flaw, or
distortion, of the cranial structure when the design is inherently flawless? The answer or at least
one would appear to be related in some way to the effects of birth
. It is clear, however, that
trauma from the birthing process does occur, even if it is unclear exactly how and why this so.

Recalling that the nervous system has a major influence on the health of individual organs, and
that the
Unit of Function has the greatest effect on nerve function, we can conclude, that
distortions in the
most important element of the Unit of Function, the cranium (skull) have a
pervasive and major effect on the
health of the whole human being.