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The BioCranial System has finally unlocked the connection
between the head and our health. BioCranial research
discovered that the spinal alignment follows the alignment of
the cranial bones i.e.misalignment of the cranial bones causes
misalignment of the spinal bones.
Dr. William Sutherland
discovered that there was a rhythmic motion of the bones of the
head (cranium) of which there are 22 and that this involuntary
rhythmic movement takes place throughout life. It is like a
rhythmic opening (relaxation phase) and closing (contraction
phase) which takes place between the bones of the skull. The
brain and the spinal cord are covered by a tough material called
dura mater.  This sheath, the dura mater, is attached to the
bones of the
skull and to the spine at the first two neck vertebra
and to the
sacrum or tailbone.  Dr. Robert Boyd of the CDS
Institute carried out his own research and finally came up with
the answer that all had been looking for. If there is a fixation or
stuck area in the cranium this pumping action is interfered with
and poor health may follow. What needs to be corrected, no
matter what else, is the cranial status of the patient in order to
restore maximum function and health to the system. The
BioCranial correction takes about 3 minutes.  There is no
jerking, thrusting or popping. The correction may be a bit
uncomfortable to some, yet once performed there is an
immediate sense of change.  The correction can be performed
on infants to senior citizens. Many
cranial problems occur at
birth, so corrections early on can prevent years of suffering. The
Biocranial System can help you!                                                   
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