Nerve Function
Alpha Trust Chiropractic
San Diego BioCranial Center

The specific purpose of nerves is simply to transmit and receive signals. Nerve function is an
essential part of just about every process being carried on in our bodies. It is required to insure
proper function both at the voluntary and involuntary level. For example, the hollow structures
such as arteries and intestine are all lined with muscular tissue, which of course expands and
contracts constantly. This is the nature of muscular tissue; but the expansion and contraction
processes are controlled entirely by the
nervous system. In the case of an artery, it is quite
possible for there to be disturbances to its nerve supply which will result in a contraction or
tightening of the middle coat of smooth muscle of a permanent nature; in such circumstances
the smooth muscle is unable to fully relax. The result of permanent contraction of some degree
is that the profile of the artery, which is essentially a hollow tube , is compressed. And if the tube
is compressed, it will follow that fluids flowing through it, in this case, blood will be decreased in
volume. Since blood is the major source of nutrients for cells, it will follow that, in such a
scenario, the nutrition to those cells being supplied by this particular artery will be reduced. Any
disturbance to nerve function will have its resultant disturbance in equal measure to the function
of any organ,tissue,or other bodily system with which that section of the nervous system is