What needs to be corrected, no matter what else, is the cranial  
status of the patient in order to restore maximum function to the
system. The
BioCranial System therefore addresses people
and not diseases or disease names. It is probably the most
holistic system in existence for this reason.

For simplicity sake, however, we recognize, that names of
symptoms mean something to most people and below we list a
number of these for which
BioCranial has been found to be
helpful. The list is far from complete.
Alpha Trust Chiropractic
San Diego BioCranial Center
ADHD                  Cystitis                   Neck pain                     
Allergy                Dysmenorrhea     Neuralgia
Arthritis              Eczema                  Parkinson      
Fibromyalgia         Prolapes
Headache              Prostate      
Back pain           Herniated disc      Psoriasis
Cerebral palsy   Hiatal hernia         Sleeping disorder    
Chronic fatique  IBS                          Sciatica
Chron’s                Menstrual cycle  Tinnitus
Colitis                   Migraine                Vertigo
We re-emphasize that the names of symptoms are no more than descriptions of the
pattern of dysfunction in the system. It is imperative to begin to focus on the underlying
weaknesses which finally permitted the onset of the symptoms.

The information in this website is given strictly for educational purposes. Alpha Trust
Chiropractic does not prescribe, treat, diagnose, or make any recommendations for the
treatment of disease as in conventional medicine, and assumes no responsibility for
how this information is used. In no way should the information on this website be
considered a substitute for competent medical care by the health care professional of
your choice. The statements in this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or
prevent any disease.
Conditions such as these (and many more) are primarily the result of predisposing
disturbances of the central Unit of Function.
 BioCranial and CranioBiotic Systems
does not cure any symptoms or disorders it only puts the body's natural healing
mechanism back to its full potential. On a scale of 1-10, it pushes the body closer to 10!